Well ladies, it has been awhile since I have blogged, but I just had to share this video and my thoughts. I was recently in a situation in the last couple of months where this video would have come in handy. Ok, so you are probably wondering what I am talking about right?  See the video here. Please watch to the end. Although, they are addressing this topic mostly as it relates to relationships, please understand that it can apply in any situation or area in which you are waiting.  So, let me go grab something to drink while you watch this clip and then we can discuss it.

All right, now that you’re back, let’s get to it.  Can I just tell you I was like, “Amen! Hallelujah! Can we say praise the Lord?”, throughout the entire video, so much so that I had to rewind it several times because they dropped so many good nuggets.

Where do I start?

In our waiting season, as it relates to a new job, home, spouse or for a strained relationship to improve, an opportunity may come along. Depending on how long we have been waiting, we may just grab at the opportunity right away because it looks good, sounds good, feels good, etc.  For me, it was a particular guy who was interested in me and although he never came right out and said it, he dropped many clues (and is still dropping clues!), but I will leave that for another post!  I have also found myself in a situation several years ago where I was so anxious to get out of a job I loathed that when several opportunities came along to make $10,000 more, I almost jumped on it.  Yet, as the video says, I am grateful that because I was seeking the Lord in prayer and He was growing the gift of discernment in me, I bit the bullet and sat my little tail right where I was-in an unhappy position!  Why, you ask?  God clearly told me, “I have not released you from this job yet.”  Side note:  this has happened to me several times with job situations so clearly I had not learned my lesson!

Open doors do not mean “God doors”

Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan. woman standing in doorway looking out at bright sunny day, view from behind and below

I am sure we can all agree that the enemy also opens doors and has opened many doors in our lives over the years–some we have even walked through.  Don’t worry!  There is no shame here because I have walked through many myself. While you are waiting on the Lord….wait a minute. I just got a revelation even as I typed that.  We are waiting, yes, but on what or dare I say, who are we waiting on?  One of my 100 year old grandmother’s favorite verses in the Bible is Psalm 27:14, “Wait on the Lord.” She says it often to me and has been saying it for years. Perhaps, we may be waiting on an opportunity to come through to pursue our dream, a position to open up at a new job, our dream house to come on the market or for a spouse to sweep us off our feet. Yet, David clearly said, we ought to be waiting on the Lord-not those things (or others) that I mentioned. The promise when we wait on Him is that, “He will strengthen our hearts”. Just because the opportunity presents itself/himself, does not mean it was sent by God.  Press pause on it. If you have to, shut the door. Get in your secret closet and consult your Father to first decide if it was from Him in the first place. If it is from God, don’t worry about it/the person not being there when you get back. What is for you, is for you.

Test or Sign

a Test

There is so much more I want to address from this video, but I will leave that for another post.  For now, I will leave you with one last thing and then a challenge. This is something I literally just heard about an hour ago while on an empowerment call. My business coach said we have to ask the question, “Is this a test or a sign?”  This means that it is either a test to see if we are still going to seek Him first before we proceed forward or a sign that maybe this really wasn’t from God. Make sure your eyes, ears and heart are open to hear Him clearly.

My challenge to you:

  1. Start asking the question, “Who sent you/that?” Don’t be afraid to inspect or dissect a situation or person when it’s presented to you, especially when it is something for which you have been waiting.
  2. Take some steps backward and disconnect yourself from the person or the situation so you can seek wise counsel and hear God clearly.
  3. Ask Him to give you the spirit of discernment (not suspicion!).  The Word tells us that if we are believers in Jesus Christ, the Spirit of God is in us and His Spirit will lead us into ALL truth.
  4. Trust God when you pray. As you acknowledge Him in all your ways, He promised to direct your path. I have learned also that some of the best answered prayers are the ones that weren’t answered.

Do you see what that spells?  S.T.A.T., which in the medical world means, “urgent, rush or immediately ” in Latin.  When you hear that word, it would be in your best interest to pay attention and move quickly, i.e. to seek the Lord to find out, “Who sent you? or “Who sent that?”

Until next time, be blessed ladies and be encouraged while you wait!

Photo credit: MASTHEAD PRINT STUDIO, Iowa Stat

2 thoughts on “S.T.A.T.!”

  1. Well, your message was right on time! What a wellspring of information, and I love the video too!! We really need to hit the pause button when we’re tired — tired of waiting or just in need of rest. I’ve made some of the worst decisions of my life when I was exhausted. I’m so proud of you, Charlene! 🙂


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