Get to Work!

I was blessed to hear from this powerhouse, who also happens to be Haitian American :), a few days ago and I know the Holy Spirit used her to speak directly to me when she said, ‘You better get to work! You’re on assignment.’ Now couple that with another call I was on in the same week where the woman said, ‘Every time you are not showing up and serving, you are late for work.’ You can only imagine how many times I said, ‘Ouch!’

Who are you?

who-are-youIt has taken me a long time to get to this place and by no means do I mean I have arrived. The place I am referring to is the place where I am more clear about who I am in Christ, what God has called me to do and the gifts He has given me. I do not say this boastfully because Lord knows I neither asked for them nor have I stewarded them well. I don’t even believe I deserve them.

My life purpose on this earth is to walk alongside women from all walks and stages in life, helping them to become the women they were created to be, to discover the things they were called to do and to live the more abundant life they were already destined to live. God has told me on several different occasions that I am going to do this through coaching, mentoring, (speaking), teaching and writing. I put speaking in parentheses because I really don’t want to do it. I confess! Writing is natural for me. I could literally hide behind these keys and this laptop screen for hours and years and no one would ever need to see me or know who I am. Yet, I must also confess that I have been coming to ‘work’ late and when I show up, I am not using all my skills to get the job done. In my natural job, this is not the case, but oh, in my Kingdom assignment, I should have been fired already.

What are you supposed to be doing?

what are you supposed to be doing

Can you relate? Has God already told you what you are supposed to be doing? Has He revealed to you why He created you? Has He been tapping you on your shoulder asking you why have you been waiting (errrr, disobedient) to do what He has asked you to do? A few months ago, a guest speaker at my church reminded us that slow disobedience is disobedience. You can flip it any way you want to, but if God told you to do it and you have delayed doing it, i.e. not done it, then as my mentor Michelle always tells me, you are being disobedient.

Ladies, the truth is that while we are waiting, we should not be doing nothing. We are to become His best right NOW. We should be in His face, pestering Him about what He has called us to do in this season right now-that is if we don’t already know. Yeah, I am giving you the side eye!

Who is depending on you?

world_waiting_for_youYou wouldn’t show up to your job late every day and then when you get there, fool around and not do what you are getting paid to do would you? You also wouldn’t show up to your job and never use the specific skills for which they hired you to get the job done would you? You cannot show up for work, do no work and still expect to get paid. Maybe you do, but that is wrong! It should therefore be no different in the Kingdom. Someone is waiting on you to give them your gift. It could literally save their life. These gifts, mine and yours, were not given to us for us to hold on to, put on a shelf, look at from time to time or even bury them. A gift is only really a gift when it is given. (Don’t quote me on that one. I heard it from someone really deep and I can’t remember who right now!)

I will leave you with this. Back in 2010, God had given me a title as well as all the chapter names of the book He wanted me to write. Well, I was suffering from slow disobedience at the time. Fast forward to 2011, I was in a coaching training being coached by a peer and was sharing with her about the book. She asked me, ‘why haven’t you gotten started?’ I didn’t have an answer. Then she said something that literally rocked my world because it pierced my heart so deeply. She said, ‘What if someone’s life literally depended on you writing that book? What then?’ True story, I got back to my hotel room that afternoon and started the first chapter of my book. I am sad to confess that, 5 years later, it is still not done, but I am glad I started and I plan to finish this year, Lord willing.

up for the challenege

You may be waiting on something or someone, but who is literally waiting on you? Stop getting to work late! Come on time and get to work using your gifts and giving them away to the people who need them. If you are reading this message, you are still here for a reason, for a purpose. I suggest you get to work!



9 thoughts on “Get to Work!”

  1. Great post, Charlene! We can always come up with a list of reasons WHY we can’t do what we know we should be doing. Fear is a big distractor. If we don’t get to work, we’ll never know what the Father has in store for us. Thanks for writing this timely message. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for reading. I always hear you say, if I am not doing what I know I am supposed to do, I am being disobedient. Fear has held me back for so long but no longer! If God is for me, He is more than the whole world against me.

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  2. Perfect timing!! I just this morning read in Nehemiah where he built the wall around jerusalem in 52 days.. I realized that if he could do that then I certainly could put some things aside and set some goals to meet for myself in the next 52 days! !
    This article-perfect! ! Slow disobedience is still disobedience. .. ouch!!!

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    1. Wow, I love that Vicki! I think you just gave me a challenge! Thank you so much for sharing. The wheels are turning in my mind. 52 days…I may write a post on that. Here’s to you accomplishing much more in those 52 days than you could ever imagine!


  3. No worries. Keep going anyway! You still have 51 days left and the challenge and real success is, ‘will you keep going?’ I will probably start once I get back from out the country and post some stuff about it.


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