That’s the one I want

It’s been a while ladies. I know. I know. Please forgive me. I have started several posts that are 85% complete and I vow to get them out to you over the next few weeks.  Life and distractions have gotten the best of me.

Today, as I have been pondering on this gem of truth, I realized I couldn’t let this go by without sharing it with you.  This is a post that I am asking that you share with as many people, especially women and girls, that you know.

No, it isn’t because I desire to gain followers, but it is a vital truth that the enemy does not want you to know.

Recently, I started a new women’s Bible study at my church and the book we are using is called Anointed, Transformed Redeemed by Priscilla Shirer, Beth Moore and Kay Arthur. On my drive to NY after our first session, I was anxious to get into the first lesson of the book because the session that morning had just left my heart so open, so tender and hungering for more.

I arrived in NY and since I had some time to kill while I waited for my older sister, I decided to open the book and start my first lesson. I wasn’t prepared for how it would rock my world and make me fall in love all over again–from one single verse.

You did not choose Me, but I chose you. ~John 15:16

This is one of my favorite scriptures. I was very familiar with it. Yet, as many times that I have read this verse, I never saw it in this way until that day. I read it a few times and the first thought-a question-that came to my mind was, “What if I never chose You Lord?”

If I am honest, I haven’t always chosen the Lord. Even after saying, “Yes” to Him for salvation, I have chosen self, others, food, sleep, men, success, money, my own agenda and plan and a whole lot of others things over Him.

Yet, I was reminded by the Lord that very day of some other things that are also true.

  1. He chose me even before I chose Him.
  2. He would have still chosen me (and you) even if I(you) never chose Him.
  3. The second part of this verse still stands even when we don’t chose Him in our every day lives.
  4. His choosing me (and you dear sister) is not dependent on whether I (you) choose/chose Him or not.
  5. If I (you) never chose Him, I (you) am/are always going to be His first choice.
  6. The word chose indicates that this was past and not something that happened just recently (Hint: Even before we were knit together in our mother’s womb, we were chosen!)
  7. He made the first move because at the time of His choosing me (and you), I (you) had not chosen Him.

The Greek word for choose used in this verse means “to choose” and “out from”, essentially meaning, to pick, single out, and to choose out. Another word we think of in our English language could be handpicked.  He didn’t just choose us, but it was as if we were carefully selected out.


My dear sisters, if you are never chosen for a job you are waiting for, the house you wanted and pleaded with God to give you, the school you always dreamed of being accepted to, the loan you have waited to be approved for or by the man who you desire to be your husband, there is something far better that you don’t have to wait for.

The God of this universe, the Creator of heaven and earth, the One who moved mountains, parted seas, showed up in burning bushes, blessed barren women with children, raised the dead, healed the sick, and was beaten, bruised and hung on a cross, taking on the full weight and penalty of all the sins you and I would ever commit, has already chosen you.

He chose to die for you.

He chose to live for you.

He has chosen to pray for you continually and He has chosen to be in a loving relationship with you, here on earth, as well as for eternity.

He has chosen you before the beginning of time and He will continue to choose you every day, every moment-no matter what you have done or will do.  His choice will always be you.

It’s like He essentially said one day, long ago, before this world was established,

I want that one.  Yeah, her!  That’s the one I want. I choose her.

Choose Him today.

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