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Do You Know The Significance of 222?

Are you as fascinated with numbers as I am?  As a child, I used to love numbers because my favorite subject in school was Math.

Now….not so much. (I have AP Calculus to thank for that!) I have gotten older, I have learned to appreciate the significance of numbers, especially as it relates to
circumstances, God’s promises, scripture, dreams, visions and how the Lord speaks to us.

Hence why this website and blog is called Lady in Waiting 222.

I know. I know.

You are probably wondering what the 222 means (…or maybe not, lol). I promise you it has significance for two reasons. I will share those reasons in a bit concerning these numbers, but first, let me give you a little back story on this number.

A very close friend of mine, for as long as I have known her, has been seeing this number, 222–ever since she was a young girl.  She knew it had a great meaning but wasn’t really sure what. As she got older, she realized that it had multiple meanings, including the address to her first business building, her current place of work, and eventually the day she would get married. would be periods of time and seasons in our friendship where she would say, “I have been seeing the numbers 222 lately. I don’t know what it means, but I know it means something big.”  Honestly, at first I didn’t really pay it much attention because my significant number is 7, based on things the Lord has been revealing to me throughout my life. In my mind, I would just always say, “222” was her number and “7” was mine.

Well a little over a year ago–right before I started this blog to be exact–I, too, began seeing the number 222 everywhere and I shared it with her. I wasn’t sure what it meant for me.

A few days later, the Lord woke me up early, like zero dark thirty early! He led me to a very familiar scripture I had read many times before and where He had given me some great revelations. This particular morning, however, He revealed the two part significance of this blog.

I have found that almost every time I begin to ask the Lord about something related to His divine order vs the way I think things should go, e.g. why do I have to wait, He almost always brings me back to the beginning of the Good Book. This time it was Genesis 2:22.

Eight years prior, God had given me some revelation about the second part of this exact verse when I was wondering why I was still waiting to be married or for my Adam to awaken. He has taken me to this verse several times since, but I missed that it was Genesis 2:22, well until that morning!

And the rib which the Lord God had taken from the man He made (fashioned, formed) into a woman, and He brought her and presented her to the man. (AMP)

At that time in my life, I was waiting for life to happen to me and thought in some shape or form that my life wasn’t complete until I was married.

Can we say lie from the pits of hell?!

That is so NOT true.

I was not really walking in my purpose nor was I feeling purposeful. I was not becoming God’s best in that season, while I was waiting. Instead, I was so focused on wanting to be married, that I didn’t realize that God was first form[ing], fashion[ing], mak[ing] me.

Ladies, this is the part that we often miss out on.

There is so much God wants to do in, with, through and for us, while we are waiting for our Adam or something else. He is desiring to make us who He created us to be before He presents us.

Just in case you missed it, let me repeat that again.

Before we are brought and presented  to our Adam, God is first involved in the process of making us. This is the first part of the significance of 222 that He revealed to me.

The other significant part of this verse was the first part of verse 22:

Gen 2-22

Please, sisters, don’t miss this gem!

After all of God’s work was finished…

After He created man, He put Adam to sleep.

Oh, and I would like to believe that it is because the last thing, the precious, very “good thing” (Proverbs 18:22) He took His time to make was significant and that was YOU–Woman!

They often say that you save the best thing for last. I would agree.

So celebrate this waiting process.

Celebrate being made, fashioned and formed by God for the very thing (or Adam) He is preparing for you.

Celebrate being one of God’s most precious things He has made to date.

Celebrate YOU…

In this time.

In this season.

While you wait.

P.S. Next time you see 222 (2:22), I hope it makes you smile!

Love you all!

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27 thoughts on “Do You Know The Significance of 222?”

  1. This is what resonated with me: “I was so focused on wanting to be married, that I didn’t realize that God was first form[ing], fashion[ing], mak[ing] me.” As you say all the time, “God is so funny.” He loves revealing things to us that we’ve seen before but allowing us to see it with fresh eyes. I so love the Lord…he heard my cry! He has heard yours too. Keep walking in your purpose, and may blessings abound! ❤

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  2. Reblogged this on Two Are Better Than One and commented:
    Good evening, friends! I ran across this post about waiting yesterday, and it resonated with me because I’m in a season of waiting. It might appeal to you too if you’re waiting to be married. Check it out and see how the Spirit revealed a little truth to my friend. May blessings abound! ❤


  3. Amen. Seems like He has been making, fashioning and forming for 9 years, lol. I am learning that the process and who He is making us to BE is much more important than where we are going, what we are waiting for and/or what He calls us to do.


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