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Got FAITH? Come on then

Are you having a good day?

Think about the last good day you had.

Was the day so good that you were left scratching your head when things quickly went left and downhill from there?

One minute you could be trusting God and walking in faith and the next second, you could totally forget who He is or what He has done in your life when things suddenly go awry.

Last week, I shared some nuggets on what real faith looks like.  Be sure to check it out here.

Let’s set the scene and come take a journey with me:

You’ve just been hanging out with some friends all day, one of them being your very best friend. This particular friend also happens to be a great teacher, a protector, loyal, dependable and compassionate. He has always been there for you, never let you down and you can share anything with him.  

This particular day, you watch this friend respond to a crowd in a compassionate way, despite the fact that he just found out that his cousin was brutally murdered.

You see him literally begin healing people in the crowd that are sick.

To top it off, he performs a straight up miracle.

I’m talking a huge one.

He begins feeding this same large crowd of well over 5, 000 people with two mere fish and 5 loaves of bread. 

And you guys had leftovers!

Say what?!

Like 12 baskets full of leftovers.


Yet, after you witness this miracle, he insists that you and your other friends go back into a boat and go to the other side of the lake.

It’s about 3am, in the dark of the night, and you and your friends find yourself in the midst of a fierce storm far away from land. 

I mean the waves are literally tossing the boat to and fro and battering it.

As if dealing with the storm isn’t enough, you look up and see someone who looks like a ghost walking on the water toward you and your friends become terrified.

And then the person speaks.

Immediately, you know who it is.

Your best friend who left just a few hours ago.

Coming to you in the middle of a storm, in the midst of trouble, in the dark of the night, speaking these words:

Don’t be afraid. I am here. ~ Matthew 14:27

Ok, by now you should know this story right? It’s found in Matthew 14.

You probably already figured out that the best friend I am talking about is Jesus and the friends are His disciples.

So let’s examine this story a little more as there are some more lessons of what faith should look like in the life of a follower of Christ.

Can we talk real talk for a minute?

Woman to woman?

What kind of mental state would you be in if you found yourself in the position that the disciples did in this story?

As you’re recounting the events of the day: hanging with Jesus all day, witnessing these miracles, fellowshipping with friends and eating until your heart’s content, you’re thinking, ‘It was a good day right?’

Then He sends you away only for you to encounter a storm, without Him.

I would probably be terrified too. I am literally out in the middle of a storm late at night without my Master.

I would have forgotten all about the miracles I had just witnessed.

Instead, I would be wondering why The One I was walking with daily, who I had left my life and livelihood to follow, had actually sent me to go ahead of Him, surely knowing that I was going to encounter a storm.

Then, He shows up, walking to me in an unlikely manner-on the water-in the middle of the dark of night.

Jesus you are trippin’!

Although I had just been with Him a few short hours ago, I don’t seem to recognize Him in the midst of my storm, crisis, trial, heartbreak, job loss, death, divorce, rejection, period of waiting, etc.

Yet, He shows up.

Right in the middle of the storm.

It’s so easy to forget those previous good things of times past in the middle of a storm, in the darkness of the night, without the physical presence of the One who you had given your heart and life to.

Yet, as He speaks these words to you, suddenly faith rises up.

You get bold, like Peter did, with a daring request.

And Jesus responds to you with one word:

Come. ~Matthew 14:29

Little do you know that the faith and daring request you just made, in the middle of a storm, will forever go down in the history books and has eternally labeled you as the one who walked on water to Jesus.

The only one who got out the boat.

The only one who was bold enough to put faith into action.

With that one word from Jesus, you took a chance and took Jesus up on His offer to do what was not humanely possible simply because Your Master had called you.

Out of the boat.

Out of your safe place.

Into the middle of the storm.

In the dark.

While you are waiting, is Jesus still calling you to “Come” to Him, to get out the boat, to let go of what makes sense and to step out in faith anyway?

To maybe be the only one who runs from the crowd and what everyone else is doing to join Him?

To step out in faith anyway, knowing that the winds and waves may not immediately go away because you stepped out?

As you step out in faith, remember to keep your eye on Him-on who’s in front of you-and not on the waves and storms of life happening around or behind you.

I’ll leave you with these 3 things to remember as you move in faith in the midst of waiting:

  1. Know Who to call on as you step out in faith. (v. 30)
  2. Stay close to Him. He will always be able to grab you. (v. 31)
  3. Know that He will eventually allow the storm to cease. (v. 32)
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