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The Road To Houston: Lessons In The Blessing

I have a love hate relationship with Walmart, depending on which one I go to. No offense to anyone who loves it. It’s hit or miss for me when I go in there.

I found out pretty quickly that I wasn’t going to have a good relationship with the ones here in Houston, or so I thought.

Let me explain.

Everyone knows Walmart pretty much takes back everything right?

Apparently this was not the case when it came to air mattresses, but let me give you some background first.

Prior to my move to Houston, I had already decided on the air mattress I wanted to purchase to sleep on temporarily. One of my sisters who lives in Atlanta had the same one. I had slept on it a few times when I visited her so I knew it was very comfortable.

Plus I had already priced it and it was within my budget.

When I arrived in Houston that was the first order of business-to go to Walmart to purchase it.

And I did, except it wasn’t the one I had already decided on.

The Road To Houston: Lessons In The Blessing 2Listening to my older and wiser sister who was with me, I opted to go with a more well known brand instead (which was also more expensive.)

This, however, didn’t fit with what I knew the Lord had been doing in my heart several months prior, as He had been taking me through a decluttering process in order to sever my attachment to stuff.

Against my better judgement, I purchased the other mattress and immediately regretted it once I got up the next morning. It was sinking in and needless to say, I didn’t have a good night’s sleep.

It wasn’t a big deal because I figured I would just exchange it for the one I had originally decided to purchase. Of course when I went back to Walmart the next day, we arrived too late and customer service was closed. I decided to just purchase the other air mattress and would return the first one the following day.

Thankfully, I did sleep better, which I knew I would., I was also hit with a major reality check as the lack of funds in my account once I finally sat down to balance my checkbook (yes I still do this, lol), made me cringe. I was literally running on E. The only consolation was I would be able to get the money back from the mattress I had purchased so that I could at least make it until my next pay day.

Well, I arrived in Walmart bright and early the following morning to customer service, only to be told that not only would I not get a refund, but there was no chance of me getting one with the actual air mattress company either.

I left Walmart defeated, angry and in tears.

So many thoughts ran through my mind at that time including, “How am I going to purchase some other items I needed, i.e. food, to be able to get through the next couple of weeks until pay day/?”  Yeah, it was bad.

I gave myself a pep talk, pulled myself together and went on to church. The message was so timely and ministered to my heart about one of the prayers I had prior to moving to Houston about a godly community.

I was still a bit hurt about the entire situation, but figured it was a lesson learned to follow my mind in the first place and listen to what God had already been teaching me.

After talking it over with a friend who had a similar issue with her mattress and was able to get a refund, she encouraged me to go to another Walmart and bring it back.

Again, I left even more defeated after being told the same thing. I just didn’t even want to bother with it anymore. I counted the money as a loss and just began desperately seeking the Lord in how He was going to provide for other things I needed. I decided I just wasn’t going to attempt to return it again.

A few weeks later, I found myself in Walmart, again, trying to purchase a few items and really stretching my money and faith. What appeared to be another inconvenience at the register where I ended up having to return the item I had just purchased, turned out to be a lesson and a blessing that I wasn’t even expecting.

Now, keep in mind, I almost didn’t want to go to this particular Walmart because I had just passed a lot of traffic on the other side which I knew I would be in if I went to this one. But I went anyway. I stood in the customer service line, I saw a sign and almost shouted because I was so happy. I had never seen this sign in any other Walmart I had been to since being in Houston. I knew then that it was the Lord showing up on my behalf. Tears welled up as I thought about what God had just done for me. Not only was I able to return the mattress, but instead of cash, I received a Walmart gift card!

God is so faithful. He knew that there were still several things I needed to get for my new place and now I would be able to do that.

Lesson: Follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit and what you know the Lord has already told you to do, regardless of what others say. Trust Him to provide for you in unexpected ways.

If that wasn’t enough, He had another lesson in a blessing waiting for me just around the corner.

I have been griping about my job for some time now and really am waiting for the Lord to open up some doors for me to be able to be in business/ministry full time for myself.

But if I am honest, I have been a bit ungrateful as well. My job provides a lot of incentives for employees who do great work. By God’s grace I have been a recipient of those rewards and incentives several times since being employed there, all of them unexpected, but right on time.

I needed a pot set for my new home and knew I wouldn’t be able to afford it for a while.

I knew that I wanted to get it sooner rather than later so that I could save money by not eating out. I just didn’t know how I was going to do it.

Well, I happened to be checking the Macy’s website one day and saw the pot set I had back in Maryland that I had given away.  It was more expensive than I could afford to pay so I just forgot about it hoping the Lord would make another way for me to purchase the pots. following week, I woke up that morning and felt led to go on the Macy’s website again.  My pot set had been marked down almost 80%! Not only that, but because of the points I had accumulated at work, I was able to purchase my pots and only had to pay $5!

I was like “Go Jesus! Go Jesus! Go!”

Now I could stay on budget and cook more at home.

Lesson: As much as I want to leave my current job and go into ministry and business full time, I know that the Lord has me there for a purpose and has used even the most trying situations to teach me how to be grateful in all things.

The last blessing and lesson was concerning my desk that I needed to order because I worked from home. The desk I really liked and had already envisioned in my new place was on sale, which was exciting. The only dilemma was that I had to be home when they delivered it and there was no guarantee that they would deliver it directly to my door.

I had an extremely long walk from the garage to my apartment-2 minutes to be exact-and usually large packages go to the leasing office. There was absolutely no way I was going to be able to get it upstairs to my apartment if it ended up being delivered there.

When I placed the order online, I specifically requested for the delivery man to call me when he was on his way so I could rush home to meet him. (Thankfully, my office location was literally 10 minutes from my house.) This way he could take the desk upstairs for me. The customer service rep assured me she would put it in the notes.

(By the way, someone paid for my desk and chair without me asking!)

Honestly, I didn’t really have any confidence that she could make this happen. I just decided I wasn’t going to worry about it and would cross that bridge when I got there. Through these and several other obstacles I encountered upon my arrival in Houston, the Lord was speaking loud and clear that I just needed to trust Him to really meet ALL my needs.

The day arrived for the delivery and I remember driving to work that morning praying, “Lord, You know the situation and I just have to believe and trust that the guy you are sending to deliver the desk will call me beforehand, that I will be able to make it home to meet him and that he will carry the desk up to my door for me.”

I was worried that the delivery guy would call me during a mandatory training I had during work that day, but I just trusted the Lord to work it out somehow.

And work it out He did!

Not only did the guy call me an hour before my scheduled training, but he said he would wait for me and then bring the desk up. I was back at work within 30 minutes!

I was like, “Lord, You really are showing me that I can trust You with everything.”

Lesson: The Lord will always send the help you need. When you pray, expect Him to move on your behalf.

I pray that this Road To Houston Series blessed you and encouraged you to trust the Lord even in the little things, while you are waiting, and in whatever season of life you find yourself.

I pray that your faith would grow to a place of absolute confidence in the One who has chosen you.

May you continue to believe Him no matter what!

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