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[31 Days of Prayer] Day 15: Prayers for Morocco

Hi all,

I decided to join with Beth Moore and do the 31 Days of Prayer, where we will be praying for 31 days for the month of July. I decided to include my prayers here for each country I am praying for and as the Holy Spirit leads. I pray you will join me.

This is the confidence [I] have before Him: If [I] ask anything according to His will, He hears [me]. And if [I] know that He hears whatever [I] ask [I] know that [I] have what [I] asked of Him.”

1 John 5:14-15, CSB (emphasis mine)

(Using John 15 to guide these prayers)

Father, I pray:

  • That any efforts the enemy has previously used to prevent Bibles from entering into the country of Morocco and into the hands of those who need it will be null and void right now in Jesus’ name
  • That there will be an increasing hunger and thirst for the Word of God amongst the people of Morocco
  • That the people of Morocco will have Bibles in abundance that they will read and dive into, meditating on the Word of God so their roots in Christ would grow deep
  • That You Lord are laying it on the hearts of many to fund projects that will provide access to Bibles for the people of Morocco
  • That the believers in Morocco will remain in the True Vine, Jesus Christ, and that He will remain in them
  • That believers in Morocco will allow the Gardener, the Father, to prune them in the areas that are needed so they bear more fruit and thus, their fruitful lives will point others to Jesus
  • That the believers in Morocco will cling to Jesus as their daily sustenance and provision, knowing that apart from Him they cannot be fruitful or do anything
  • That believers will continue to remain steadfast in their Word as the Lord continues to transform their minds and hearts for His glory
  • That the believers in Morocco will not fall privy to doing anything apart from Christ
  • That the believers in Morocco, as they remain implanted in the Word of God and rooted in Christ, whatever they ask, because they are full of the Word of God, Jesus will grant what they ask
  • That those in Morocco will be able to easily recognize the true disciples of Christ among them because they are bearing much fruit and thus, bringing glory to the Father
  • That the believers of Morocco will remain in Christ’s love and thus, obey His commandments
  • That believers in Morocco continued to be filled with joy that overflows as they remain in the love of Christ and that this joy would spill over on all they come in contact with that leads them to Jesus
  • That the believers in Morocco would love the people in their country with the same love Jesus has loved them
  • That believers in Morocco would lay down their lives and their desires for those they call friends, that these friends would be led to Jesus
  • that the believers in Morocco would embrace who Jesus has called them, His friends, because He is revealing to them everything the Father has told Him
  • That the believers in Morocco would embrace the truth that they didn’t choose Jesus, but He choose them, in order for them to go and produce lasting fruit
  • That believers in Morocco are loving each other as Christ loved them
  • That the believers in Morocco will not allow the hate of the world to hinder them from sharing the Good News
  • That Lord, You would increase the Moroccan believers’ capacity to love those in their country who have rejected and persecuted them
  • That the people of Morocco who have persecuted Jesus, rejected Him and ignored Him would be convicted in their hearts and repent so they may be saved
  • That the people of Morocco would recognize the miraculous signs Jesus does so they will no longer hate Him, reject Him or be guilty
  • That believers in Morocco will fully embrace the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, who the Lord has given them, the Spirit of Truth
  • That believers in Morocco will be led by the Holy Spirit so that they may testify about Jesus through Him

In Jesus’ name, I pray. AMEN!

Prayers in Arabic:

alrabu yasue 'usaliun,

'ana 'aya juhud sabaq lileadui 'an aistakhdamaha limane dukhul al'anajil 'iilaa bilad almaghrib wafi 'aydi man yahtajun 'iilayha satakun batilatan wabatilatan alan biaism yasue.
'an yakun hunak jue waeatash mutazayid likalimat allah bayn shaeb almaghrib
'an yakun ladaa shaeb almaghrib kutub muqadasat biwafrat liaqra'uwha wayaghusuu fiha , wayata'amalun fi kalimat allah hataa tataeamaq judhuruhum fi almasiha.
'iinak ya rabu tadaeuha fi qulub alkathirin litamwil almasharie alati satuafir alwusul 'iilaa al'anajil lishaeb almaghrib
'ana almuminin fi almaghrib sayubqawn fi alkarmat alhaqiqiat , yasue almasih , wa'anah sayabqaa fihim
'ana almuminin fi almaghrib sayasmahun lilbustanii , al'ab , bitaqlimihim fi almanatiq almatlubat hataa yuthmiruu almazid min althimar , wabialtaali , fa'iina hayaataham almuthmirat satuajih alakharin 'iilaa yasue
'ana almuminin fi almaghrib sawf yatamasakun biasue kaquatihim alyawmii , mae aleilm 'anah la yumkinuhum 'an yuthmiruu 'aw yafealuu 'aya shay' bidunihi.
'an yastamira almuminun fi althabat ealaa kalimatihim baynama yastamiru alrabu fi taghyir 'adhhanihim waqulubihim limajdahi.
'ana almuminin fi almaghrib lan yakunuu mutaliein ealaa fiel 'ayi shay' ghayr almasih
'ana almuminin fi almaghrib , 'iidh yazaluwn maghrusayn fi kalimat allah wmtasslyn fi almasih , mahma talabuu , li'anahum mumtaliuwn bikalimat allah , fa'iina yasue yamnahuhum ma yatlubunahu.
'an yatamakan 'uwlayik almawjudun fi almaghrib min altaearuf bisuhulat ealaa talamidh almasih alhaqiqiiyn baynahum li'anahum yatun bithimar kathirat wabialtaali yajlibun almajd lilab
'an yazala almuminun bialmaghrib fi hubi almasih wabialtaali yutieun wasayah
'ana almuminin fi almaghrib zaluu mumtaliiyn bialfarah aladhi yafid baynama yazaluwn fi hubi almasih wa'ana hadha alfarah sayantashir ealaa kuli man yataeamalun maeah wayaquduhum 'iilaa yasue
'an yuhiba almuminun fi almaghrib alnaas fi biladihim binafs alhubi aladhi 'ahabuhum yasue
'ana almuminin fi almaghrib sayudahuwn bihayatihim waraghabatihim liman yusamuwnahum 'asdiqa' , wa'ana hawula' al'asdiqa' sayaqudun 'iilaa yasue
'ana almuminin fi almaghrib sayaqbilun man samaahum yasue , 'asdiqayih , li'anah yakshif lahum kula ma qalah lah alab.
'an yaetaniq almuminun fi almaghrib haqiqatan 'anahum lam yakhtaruu yasue , lakinah akhtarahum liadhhabuu wayuntijuu thmaran dayimatan.
'ana almuminin fi almaghrib yuhibuwn baedahum albaed kama 'ahabahum almasih
'ana almuminin fi almaghrib lan yasmahuu likarahiat alealam 'an tueiqahum ean musharakat albishara
'ayuha alrabu , satazid min qudrat almuminin almagharibat ealaa hubi 'uwlayik aladhin rafaduhum wadtahaduhum fi biladihim
'ana 'ahl almaghrib aladhin adtahaduu yasue warafaduh watajahaluh sayatabayanun fi qulubihim wayatubun liakhalisua.
'an yudrik shaeb almaghrib alealamat almuejizat alati yafealuha yasue hataa la yakrahuh 'aw yarfuduh 'aw yakunun mudhnibin
'an yaetaniq almuminun fi almaghrib bialkamil almuhami , alruwh alqudus , aladhi 'aetahum alrabu , ruh alhaqi
'ana almuminin fi almaghrib sayaquduhum alruwh alqudus hataa yashhaduu ean yasue min khilalih

biaism yasue 'usali , amin

But before you go…

***Tomorrow is not promised. Today is all we have. If you are reading this and haven’t accepted Jesus Christ as Your Lord and Savior, would you consider doing so right now? Jesus died so He could have a personal relationship with you and so that one day, when you leave this earth, you can spend eternity with Him. You can say a prayer similar to this:

Dear Lord, I acknowledge that I am a sinner and that I cannot save myself. You showed Your great love for me, while I was in my sinful state, by sending Jesus Christ to die for me. Today, right now, I declare that Jesus is the Son of God. I believe in my heart that God raised Him from the dead. Please enter into my heart, Lord Jesus, forgive me of all of my sins, and seal me with Your Holy Spirit. I choose this day to live for You, all the days of my life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

If you said this prayer (or something similar) and you truly meant it, welcome to the family of God! Angels in heaven are rejoicing with you on the best decision you will ever make in life, and so am I! Please send me an email (ladyinwaiting222@gmail.com) or respond to this post so I can celebrate with you!

Then the Lord God made a woman

Genesis 2:22, NLT

Scripture references: The Holy Bible (NLT)

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