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[31 Days of Prayer] Day 20: Prayers for Syria

Hi all,

I decided to join with Beth Moore and do the 31 Days of Prayer, where we will be praying for 31 days for the month of July. I decided to include my prayers here for each country I am praying for and as the Holy Spirit leads. I pray you will join me.

This is the confidence [I] have before Him: If [I] ask anything according to His will, He hears [me]. And if [I] know that He hears whatever [I] ask [I] know that [I] have what [I] asked of Him.”

1 John 5:14-15, CSB (emphasis mine)

(Using John 20 to guide these prayers)

Father, I pray:

  • That Your peace, Lord, would reign in Syria as the people turn their hearts toward You
  • That in the midst of chaos and unrest, You, Lord, would draw the attention of the people toward Your heart for them and Your love for them
  • That You, Lord, would increase the strength and grace of those ministering to persecuted Druze people in Suwayda that they remain steadfast
  • That the Druze people’s hearts in Syria are softened to the Gospel and that they would respond by accept Jesus
  • That the faith of the believers in Syria would be strengthened as they seek to refresh others
  • That believers in Syria will yield to the Holy Spirit’s leading in how to minister to the Druze people
  • That the love of Christ would be felt and experienced among believers in Syria and the Druze people
  • That many in Syria, as they are searching for the risen Savior, Jesus Christ, they will experience the overwhelming presence of the Lord that will lead them to surrender to Him
  • That many in Syria would see Jesus in the believers in Syria and believe in Him for themselves
  • That many in Syrica would search the scriptures and the Holy Spirit would open the eyes of their understanding and reveal Christ to them
  • That many in Syria who feel alone or that everything they have ever known and was familiar to them has been taken would find comfort in the One who never leaves or forsakes them
  • That hone Jesus appears to many in Syria, they would recognize who He is and receive Him as their Lord and Savior
  • That many in Syria would answer and respond to Jesus when He calls them by name and receives Him
  • That many in Syria who encounter Christ would accept Him and go and tell others that they have seen Jesus others may hear the Good News and believe
  • That believers in Syria will continue to fear the Lord and trust Him to protect them as they serve the Druze people and others God brings along their paths
  • That believers in Syria will be filled with joy when they see the Lord at work, and this will provide the fuel needed to continue the work He has assigned them to do
  • That believers in Syria, as they are being sent by God, that they remember that they have the Holy Spirit with them to help them as they go and share the Good News
  • That believers in Syria will continue to walk in forgiveness by the power of the Holy Spirit for all those who have persecuted them and others
  • That many in Syria will no longer be faithless, but as their eyes are opened to the Gospel, they would believe, no longer doubting, in the death and resurrection of Jesus and that He died for their sins
  • That many in Syria would believe in Jesus even when they haven’t yet seen Him, that they may be blessed

In Jesus’ name, I pray. AMEN!

Prayer in Arabic:

ya rabu yasue 'usaliy ,
'an yasud salamuk yarub fi suria wayuhawil alnaas qulubahum nahuk
fi khidami alfawdaa waliadtirab , tajdhib 'ant , ya rabu , antibah alnaas 'iilaa qalbik lahum walihibik lahumu.
'an tazid 'ant ya rabu min quat waniemat aladhin yakhdimun alduruz almudtahadin fi alsuwayda' hataa yazaluu samidina.
'ana qulub alduruz fi suria rakhwat lil'iinjil wa'anahum sayaruduwn biqabul yasue
'an yaqwaa 'iiman almuminin fi suria wahum yaseawn 'iilaa 'iineash alakharin
'ana almuminin fi suria sawf yakhdaeun liqiadat alruwh alquds fi kayfiat khidmat alshaeb aldurzii
'an yasheur wayakhtabir mahabat almasih bayn almuminin fi suria walshaeb aldurzii
'ana alkathirin fi suria , wahum yabhathun ean almukhlis alqayim min bayn al'amwat , yasue almasih , sayakhtabirun hudur alrabi alghamir aladhi sayaquduhum 'iilaa aliastislam lah.
'ana alkathirin fi suria sirun yasue fi almuminin fi suria wayuminun bih li'anfusihim
'ana alkathirin fi suria sayabhathun fi alkutub almuqadasat wayaftah alruwh alquds 'aeyun fahmihim wayakshif lahum almasih
'ana alkathirin fi suria aladhin yasheurun bialwahdat 'aw 'ana kula ma earafuh min qabl wakan malwfan lahum qad 'ukhdh sayajidun alraahat fi man la yughadiruhum 'aw yatakhalaa eanhum
yazhir shahdh yasue hadha lilkathirin fi suria , wasawf yudrikun man hu wayuqabilunah rban wmkhlsan lahum
'ana alkathirin fi suria siujibun ealaa yasue wayastajibun lah eindama yunadihim bi'asmayihim wayuqbiluh
'ana alkathirin fi suria aladhin ailtaqawa bialmasih sayaqbilunah wayadhhabun wayaqulun lilakharin 'iinahum ra'awa yasue qad yasmae alakhirun al'akhbar alsaarat wayuminun
'ana almuminin fi suria sayazaluwn yakhafun alraba wayathiqun bih liahmiahum wahum yakhdimun alduruz walakhirin aladhin yajlibuhum allh ealaa durubihim.
'an yamtali almuminun fi suria bialfarah eindama yarawn alraba yaemal , wahadha sayuafir alwaqud allaazim limuasalat aleamal aladhi kalafahum bihi.
'an yatadhakar almuminun fi suria , kama 'arsalahum allah , 'ana ladayhim alruwh alqudus maeahum limusaeadatihim 'athna' dhahabihim watabadul al'akhbar alsaarati.
'ana almuminin fi suria sayastamiruwn fi alghufran biquat alruwh alqudus likuli aladhin adtahaduhum waghayruhumu.
'ana alkathirin fi suria lan yakunuu ghayr muminin baed alan , walakin eindama anfatahat 'aeyunuhum ealaa al'iinjil , fa'iinahum sayuminun , walam yaeuduu yushakikun , fi mawt waqiamat yasue wa'anah mat min 'ajl khatayahum
'ana alkathirin fi suria sayuminun biasue hataa law lam yarawh baed , farubama yakunun mubarakin

biaism yasue 'usali , amin

But before you go…

***Tomorrow is not promised. Today is all we have. If you are reading this and haven’t accepted Jesus Christ as Your Lord and Savior, would you consider doing so right now? Jesus died so He could have a personal relationship with you and so that one day, when you leave this earth, you can spend eternity with Him. You can say a prayer similar to this:

Dear Lord, I acknowledge that I am a sinner and that I cannot save myself. You showed Your great love for me, while I was in my sinful state, by sending Jesus Christ to die for me. Today, right now, I declare that Jesus is the Son of God. I believe in my heart that God raised Him from the dead. Please enter into my heart, Lord Jesus, forgive me of all of my sins, and seal me with Your Holy Spirit. I choose this day to live for You, all the days of my life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

If you said this prayer (or something similar) and you truly meant it, welcome to the family of God! Angels in heaven are rejoicing with you on the best decision you will ever make in life, and so am I! Please send me an email (ladyinwaiting222@gmail.com) or respond to this post so I can celebrate with you!

Then the Lord God made a woman

Genesis 2:22, NLT

Scripture references: The Holy Bible (NLT)

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