What is Lady in Waiting 222

Lady in Waiting 222  (LIW222) was a concept, idea, movement of some sort birthed out of the many conversations I have had with friends over the years asking questions not limited to:  “Why aren’t we married yet?”, “When are we getting married?”, “Will we ever be married?” and “Has God forgotten about us?”  In March 2016, I got tired of hearing this and talking about the same conversations over and over again. Instead, God began to challenge me and  asked me “What are you really waiting for to get started on what I called you to do?” and “What are you doing now while you wait?”.

the only moment you can change

Here you will encounter journeys about women who are waiting-not just to be married, but waiting to start a business, go back to school, have children, move, or do what God has called them to do right NOW. We want to share our struggles as well as the joys while waiting. You will also hear from those who have waited on something and the rewards and struggles, even after the wait. We also want to provide you with tips, tools and resources to assist you in becoming God’s best NOW and help you to learn to embrace and enjoy the journey while you wait-for WHATEVER you are waiting for in life.

Whether you’re single, married, divorced, separated, in limbo, or widowed, LIW222 is here to draw women closer to a loving relationship with Christ-the ultimate Bridegroom. We are here to encourage, empower, challenge and equip women to become their BEST self in this season. You are called to be who He created you to be, to do the things He has called you to do and live the life He destined for you to live-RIGHT NOW.


No longer will we wait for the other shoe to drop, for the right man/husband/marriage to come along, for the career/opportunity to be presented or for life to ‘happen’ to us. NOW is the time to become God’s best in every area of our life. While we acknowledge our longings and desires, we believe that there is only One who can meet them fully and completely.  We declare that we will encourage and be encouraged, empower and be empowered, challenge and be challenged, and equip and be equipped for ourselves and other sisters around the world to pursue what God has for us and what He has called us to do RIGHT NOW. We declare that while we wait we will take full advantage of the opportunity to become God’s best right NOW. ~Selah

13 thoughts on “What is Lady in Waiting 222”

  1. On my first visit (via Michelle’s Reblog of Your recent post) I’m encouraged and feel even more empowered after reading your introduction (About). I can hardly wait to read more! Following.

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  2. Glad to have witnessed this baby come to birth from the first round of LIW. Congrats on having come so far in the vision and desire to share your experience, strength and hope to and for women. It’s certainly a ncessary discussion to have with full transparency of past experiences and recent needs but most importantly with the complete understanding that we serve a Sovreign God that is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all we can ask and wish for. I pray you are able to impart on others what you have given me and much more as we walk in faith though not thorough faithfulness because “His Grace is truly sufficient”. Best of luck my friend, may The Lord take over your keyboard and open the hearts of your readers. XO


    1. Thank you so much “Gracey” for reading and being a part of this ‘baby’. I pray that in some way you can contribute through your own life experiences as a testament to God’s true faithfulness through it all.


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