That’s the one I want

It's been a while ladies. I know. I know. Please forgive me. I have started several posts that are 85% complete and I vow to get them out to you over the next few weeks.  Life and distractions have gotten the best of me. Today, as I have been pondering on this gem of truth,… Continue reading That’s the one I want


Make Room: Things to Consider While Waiting

I have a confession: I honestly have a love-hate relationship with social media. I will admit that I have been and probably always will be slow to opening up to new things (and people) as it relates to social media.


The 25th letter of the alphabet

Why me? Why now? Why do I have to wait? Why is this happening? Why is this not happening for me? Why am I still single? Why haven't I been promoted? Why did they reject me? Why do I have to go through this again?! Why, why, why? (For my readers that may have kids… Continue reading The 25th letter of the alphabet


Mothers’ May – 5/6/16

Thank you Michelle for allowing me to celebrate my mom through your Mother’s May blog posts. Please check out Michelle’s other blog posts here at Two Are Better Than One.

As I celebrate my mom today on this Mother’s Day through this post, I also want to acknowledge those who have been waiting to be a mother and it has not yet come to pass. I am praying for you. For mothers who waited to be mothers, became one, but then lost their babies, I am praying for you as well. To those who have lost their own mothers, I lift you up as well. I lift up and celebrate all the mothers today, whether you are a natural mother, spiritual mother, adoptive mother, godmother, foster mother, stepmother, neighborhood mother or mothered anyone in your life, you are loved, you are celebrated and you matter!

For those of you who have mothers still living, no matter the relationship, the worse thing you could ever experience is regret. Honor your mother while she is here. Give her “her flowers” now!

Principle Michelle

Happy Mothers’ May, friends!  Please join me in celebrating  Charlene’s mom — Ms. Adassa. Charlene is a blogger, Nurse, and Life Coach. She blogs at Lady In Waiting. Take a little time to check out her blog. While you’re here though, please help me salute her mom for doing her part to raise a beautiful, humble, servant leader.

I wanted to take the time to salute my mom, Ms. Adassa Clarke, who is a retired teacher, self-proclaimed doctor, 🙂 and one of the strongest, most honest and outspoken people I know. As a child, I remember my mom working full-time while caring for my older sister and I, yet still fully invested in my education, making sure I did what was expected of me and was respectful to others. She believes in the power of education and often gave me “extra” homework and summer reading projects along with book…

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