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Part 2: What Kind of Woman Are You?

Yesterday, in Part 1: What Kind of Woman Are You?, I shared the importance of how we live out dash (-), i.e. the space between our birth date and our death date. I also shared the first of 3 characteristics


35 Lessons Learned From A Thirty-Five Year Old

The true training ground for your walk in Christ doesn't happen while you are in church, but once you step outside. Β It is in your day-to-day relationships, responses to others and the choices you make daily, even while waiting. You have the right to decide who and what you will or won't allow in your… Continue reading 35 Lessons Learned From A Thirty-Five Year Old


Pep Talks and Answered Prayers

Truth moment: I talk to myself. Yes, it's true. And dare I admit, I answer myself back sometimes too. Now don't get funny on me. I bet you do it too. (You can raise your hand or simply nod if you do.) Sometimes you gotta give yourself...