And Blessed Is She Who Believed

Are you ready for 2017? The real question should be, "Is 2017 ready for you?" I recently celebrated a birthday and I can truly say that the older I get, the more grateful I am not for the things I get to do on my birthday or the gifts I may receive, but for those… Continue reading And Blessed Is She Who Believed


A Matter of Perspective: 5 Things to Consider

Perspective. This was the one word I heard as I was working through a recent situation a few weeks ago and had to have a serious pep talk with myself. My response to Him: What does that even mean, Lord? Before I share what He revealed to me, let me ask you this:


Pep Talks and Answered Prayers

Truth moment: I talk to myself. Yes, it's true. And dare I admit, I answer myself back sometimes too. Now don't get funny on me. I bet you do it too. (You can raise your hand or simply nod if you do.) Sometimes you gotta give yourself...