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A mirror and a microscope

One of my favorite classes in all of my years of going to school was biology and microbiology. Now I wouldn't be what you would call a science geek, but I was fascinated with how living things looked up close. One thing in particular that I remember about my classes was the use of a microscope. It helped you to see things you wouldn't normally be able to see with


And Blessed Is She Who Believed

Are you ready for 2017? The real question should be, "Is 2017 ready for you?" I recently celebrated a birthday and I can truly say that the older I get, the more grateful I am not for the things I get to do on my birthday or the gifts I may receive, but for those… Continue reading And Blessed Is She Who Believed

What’s the condition of your heart?

I just wanted to share this with you as this was on my heart this morning as I was praying. Sometimes while we are waiting for something, our hearts can be hardened in the process, especially if it is taking longer than expected. We simply don't like to wait. Let's be real. It is sometimes… Continue reading What’s the condition of your heart?


A Matter of Perspective: 5 Things to Consider

Perspective. This was the one word I heard as I was working through a recent situation a few weeks ago and had to have a serious pep talk with myself. My response to Him: What does that even mean, Lord? Before I share what He revealed to me, let me ask you this:


Pep Talks and Answered Prayers

Truth moment: I talk to myself. Yes, it's true. And dare I admit, I answer myself back sometimes too. Now don't get funny on me. I bet you do it too. (You can raise your hand or simply nod if you do.) Sometimes you gotta give yourself...