Encouragement/Devotional, Gratitude

Even the storm

While in worship last night, two songs that were sung triggered thoughts of my grandmother, who recently passed, especially when we sung Cornerstone by Hillsong. They were song lyrics my family and I grew up hearing because


A Matter of Perspective: 5 Things to Consider

Perspective. This was the one word I heard as I was working through a recent situation a few weeks ago and had to have a serious pep talk with myself. My response to Him: What does that even mean, Lord? Before I share what He revealed to me, let me ask you this:


Pep Talks and Answered Prayers

Truth moment: I talk to myself. Yes, it's true. And dare I admit, I answer myself back sometimes too. Now don't get funny on me. I bet you do it too. (You can raise your hand or simply nod if you do.) Sometimes you gotta give yourself...